UPDATE May 12, 2022

  Dear Friends and Partners,

The following is copied and shared with permission and reflects a deeply personal  perspective forged amid the daily suffering and sacrifice caused by the war in Ukraine.  This update is offered to inform and encourage your prayerful support for all who are affected by this tragedy.

If you would like to help us with humanitarian aid efforts you can donate through our  website https://ipministry.org/donate/. The needs are growing as we keep helping thousands of people to move west within Ukraine and also helping those who want to leave the country temporarily. We need funds most of all for gas, but also for food and various supplies (medical, bed linens, mattresses, etc). Thank you.                        


Humanitarian Aid Efforts:

Uman church “Resurrection of Christ” continues to distribute shoes to internally displaced kids. They have already distributed 1250 pairs! Thank you, friends, for making it possible with your donations. Let’s not get tired of doing good!

Church “Tabernacle” in Lviv:
The Church of the Skinia. m. Lviv. We continue to distribute humanitarian aid. Despite the complexity with fuel and difficult logistics – loaded a bus for Kharkiv and Ternopil. They also began to distribute products for refugees who live compactly in the school territories in neighboring territorial communities.

It ended up being a big trip around Ukraine. Kharkiv-Velykyi Khutir-Cherkasy-Vinnytsya-Ternopil-Lviv-Vinnytsa- Cherkasy- Poltava-Kharkiv. During that time we evacuated 3 people. We met with many old and new friends. We took help to a family with disabled kids, to people from our church who had left Kharkiv, we prayed together. We took humanitarian aid from Lviv and were able to bring it to Kharkiv, in spite of shortages of fuel. Thank you all, who prayed and took part in this. 

Update from Maia:

The 78th night of war is coming.
After so many days and nights we are anesthetized to danger. I was in a zoom meeting this evening when I heard loud wailing of an air raid siren through an open window. For a second a thought flashed in my mind that I had seen earlier today in one of Viber chats a warning that ruzzians are going to attack Ukraine with a big number of missiles tonight. When I had read that message in Viber I thought skeptically how would anyone know. When I heard the air raid siren I was a bit conflicted – should I completely ignore it or at least close the window and curtains? The option of going to a bomb shelter didn’t come into my mind. If you are wondering, I did close the window and curtains.

Maybe as we get anesthetized to danger in Ukraine, you get numb to news from Ukraine. In a country that used to be 46 million inevitably, there are thousands, if not millions of tragic stories. The first stories hit hard, but when there are thousands of them, it’s both horrible and maybe less and less jarring?

Here is a story that is one of the thousands, This is one of the families that survived ruzzian bombing of Kramatorsk train station.

While 11-year-old Yaroslav was guarding bags inside of the station, a rocket landed on the platform where his mother and sister were. Now they are in Lviv in a hospital. In this hospital ward, there are three beds. On one – an 11-year-old girl Jana with amputated legs. Opposite – mother Natalia. She also does not walk: her left leg is amputated, and her right leg is injured. On the third bed – Yaroslav. He and his sister are twins. Yaroslav is older than his age now. He took responsibility for caring for his mother and sister. Bring water, help get dressed, run to the store… He is now a support.

Natalia cries from time to time. Not for herself, for the children. For physical and mental injuries. She says that she will never forgive herself for going out on the platform with her daughter for tea, which was distributed by volunteers. For not staying indoors, for not saving kids from ruzzian bombs…

30 wounded kids from Kramatorsk train station were brought to this children’s hospital. Everyone’s story is a continuous pain. Ward after ward is a mutilation, the death of relatives, fear… There is a girl who lost her mother there. She hides under a blanket every time anybody approaches her…

Please, don’t get numb to the stories of these children! Don’t be complacent with this ongoing evil that is being daily committed by ruzzian invaders in Ukraine. Please, don’t downplay it calling it a conflict. It’s a war that kills and maims children!!!

Please, keep carrying us in your prayers! Putin and evil that he represents are counting on the short attention span of the world these days. If you are praying, you a part of the battle! Don’t get distracted!


Please share these updates with others. I have added direct links to our email, our website, and to the IP Ministry Journal on YouTube to the bottom of this page. Your prayers are precious to us. Thank you!

In Christ,
Brandy Ezzell
International Partnerships





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