UPDATE 3-30-2022

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March 24, 2022

Dear Friends,                                                                      
Today, Ukraine marks one month of war. It is useful to assess what we have witnessed and learned. 
First, evil in the form of senseless and relentless destruction, killing and terror abounds, devastating homes, families, economies, and threatening the foundation of our shared civil society.  
Second, this war has revealed the worst and best of humanity: malicious, unprovoked attackers in contrast to acts of compassion, generosity, and selflessness from strangers.
Third, for most of us it’s difficult to truly empathize with the realities faced by our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. We may even grow numb to the constant news and become weary of images of war-ravaged neighborhoods. In response, ask God to unite our hearts prayerfully with those millions in their ongoing plight.
Finally, despotic, corrupt autocrats will come and go, though the Truth of God will endure for all generations (see Psalm 37).  Especially in the harrowing midst of war, seeds of hope in Christ will be planted, nurtured, and matured. International Partnerships was established for this purpose and for such a time as this.
Along with previous daily posts, this newsletter provides an update on International Partnership’s ministry and its various churches throughout Ukraine. Heartwarming images of worship during air raid sirens provide a living testimony to the love of Christ and the resilience of His followers.  Our love and support pour out to all our teams throughout Ukraine.  Please view our March Newletter here.
Your prayers and financial support are vital, as we seek to serve those displaced and impacted by the war. 
With sincere appreciation and love in Christ,
Thomas Bates
International Partnerships, Inc.