When I Die, Will I Go to Heaven?

*ORDER OF SERVICE (w/music credits) January 29, 2023
Welcome                                          Pastor Mark McClung
*Call to Worship                           # 111, The Love of God 
Announcements/Scripture Reading               Wayne Yates
                                                                  Romans 9: 8-15
A Time of Prayer/Prayer Requests
*Hymn                                                            #458, Near to the Heart of God 
Tithes and Offerings
*Special Music                     “All  Above” — Jerusha, Kalyani and Kuma
Children dismissed for Children’s Church
Message                                               Pastor Mark McClung
                                                   When I Die, Will I Go to Heaven?
                                                                      John 3:1-18
Hymn of Invitation                         #435, Just As I Am
*Music/Lyrics Licensed CCLI Lic # 11069322 CVLI Lic # 505420264

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