ORDER of WORSHIP 8-08-2021
Greeting & Prayer
*Call to Worship – Chain Breaker, Zach Williams, (video with lyrics)
Stand & greet your neighbor
Prayer – Brandon Flasco (our church, revival and God’s guiding)
*”I Saw The Light” – David Crowder (video with lyrics)
Prayer – Wayne Yates (Empowerment and Witnessing)
*”Trust in You” – Lauren Daigle
Prayer – Chris Morris (for our country and healing)
*Song – “FIRE’s” – RBC Ladies, accompanied by Jermy Thruston
Message: Prayer … Matthew 6:6-15
Invitation Prayer of Thankfulness – Pastor *Song – “Shout to the Lord”
*Music/Lyrics Licensed CCLI Lic # 11069322 CVLI Lic # 504307983

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