Am I a Church Member?

  • The First Pledge: I am a Church Member.

I like the metaphor of membership. It is not membership as in a civic organization or country club.  It’s the kind of membership given to us in 1st Corinthians’ 12:, “Now you are the body of Christ and individual members of it”. 1st Corinthians’ 12:27, “Because I am a member of the body of Christ, I must be a functioning member, whether I am an “eye”, and “ear” or a “hand”. As a functioning member, I will give. I will serve. I will minster. I will evangelize. I will study. I will seek to be a blessing to others. I will remember that “if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it”, 1st Corinthians’ 12:26.

  • The Second Pledge: I am a Church Member.

I will seek to be a source of unity in my church; I know there are no perfect pastors, staff, or other church members. However, neither am I. I will not be a source of gossip or dissension. One of the greatest contributions I can make is to do all I can in God’s power to help keep the church in unity for the sake of the gospel. Refer to Ephesians’ 4:1-16

  • The Third Pledge: I am a Church Member.

I will not let my church be about my preferences and desires. That is self-serving. I am a member in this church to serve others and to serve Christ. My Savior went to a cross for me. I can deal with any inconveniences and matters that just are not my preferences or style.

  • The Fourth Pledge: I am a Church Member.

I will pray for my pastor every day. I understand that the pastor’s work in never ending. His days are filed with numerous demands that bring emotional highs and lows. He must deal with critics. He must be a good husband and father. Because my pastor cannot do all things in his own power, I will pray for his strength and wisdom daily. Refer to 1st Timothy’ 3:1-10